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answers to your questions

We are delighted to answer your questions in person & encourage you to call or email us directly. If we are not immediately available, you can look for answers here as well. We hope you find our growing f.a.q. section to be a helpful resource!

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for a successful upload...

  • If you do not yet have an account, please contact us to initiate service.
  • Collect or package* your files into a single folder for each project. (File > Package if you are working from Adobe Creative software)
    *Please be sure to include linked files & fonts!
  • Before you upload, compress (zip) your folders to reduce upload time & protect against file corruption.
  • When you are ready, click on any upload link on our site to visit our upload center.
  • Log in using the Username & Password provided to you.
  • Use the Upload Center prompts to select, or drag & drop, your files or folders into the upload list.
  • Please be sure that your computer is not shut down or permitted to enter sleep mode, or your upload cannot be completed.
  • Log out after your upload is complete.
  • Contact us to confirm receipt.

A: CMYK is an abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Key (Black); the primary colors in a printer's palette.

A: A Spot Color is a single, matched, color of ink, pure or blended. Pantone is the most common Spot Color matching system used in the U.S.A.

A: Resolution indicates image & text quality. For print, resolution is measured in dpi, or "dots per inch." Bitmap images (e.g. .TIF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP) should be no less than 300dpi in order to ensure print quality. The resolution for bitmap images increases as scale decreases, while enlarging results in loss. Although not generally rastered for print until the pre-press stage, text, & other vector art must raster for print at no less than 600dpi to ensure the human eye perceives crisp, clean edges. Images & text that are rastered below standard lose fidelity, resulting in a blurry, grainy or pixelated print. Good print quality cannot be ensured for images & rasterized text that fall below minimum resolution.

A: Bleed is printing that extends beyond the trim of a printed piece. If your artwork involves colors or elements that run up to—or extend past—the edge of the page, you will need to incorporate bleed in your layout. Your piece will be printed on a larger sheet & then trimmed down to its finished size.

finishing & bindery

A: Finishing services follow printing & can include; binding, collating, cutting or slitting, die cutting, stamping, drilling or punching, folding, stitching, tabbing, numbering, packaging & shrink wrapping.

A: Binding refers to assembling & securing multiple sheets together. Bindery services include stapling, padding, saddle-stitching, perfect binding, spiral binding, twin loop binding, comb binding, ringed binders & more.

A: A Die is a tool used for custom cutting, custom scoring, embossing & debossing, & foiling. Dies are crafted from zinc, magnesium, or copper—depending on the purpose & level of detail required for the piece—by specialized machinists.

A: Scoring refers to applying a crease to paper to ensure a clean & correct fold.

A: Embossing & Debossing are processes used to add three-dimensional effects to a printed piece. These processes usually involve a die & complementing counter-die. The Embossing process provides a raised aspect, while the Debossing process provides a depressed, or lowered, aspect. Heat & pressure are applied to the paper, or stock, to raise—or lower— design elements from the paper's surface level. Blind Embossing (without ink), Color Register or Ink Embossing (with ink), & Combination Stamping (embossing with a foil) are some options available to enhance your printed piece.


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